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Bearing installation note

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Bearings in the installation of the previous should be noted that:

1) bearing preparation

Since the bearing anti-rust and be packaged, it just before installation Do not open the package. In addition, anti-rust coating on the bearing oil with good lubricating properties, for general purpose bearings or grease filled bearings can be used directly without washing. But for the instrument bearing or for high-speed rotation of the bearing, the application of clean rust oil cleaning oil will wash away, then bearings easily rust, can not place a long time.

2) axis and shell's inspection

Cleaning bearings and housings, confirmed that no injuries or machining burrs left. Absolutely not have an abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand, chips, etc. within the housing. Second test shaft and shell size, shape and processing quality is in line with the drawings. Before installing the bearing, in each of the mating surfaces coated mechanical oil inspection of the shaft and housing.

Bearing installation method

Bearing installation method because of bearing types and vary with conditions. Multi-axis rotation due to the general, and therefore the use of inner and outer rings respectively interference fit and clearance fit, while the outer ring rotates, the outer ring interference fit.

(1) is pushed into the mounting press fitted generally use press can also be used bolts and nuts, hand hammer can be used when forced into the installation.

(2) thermal sleeve bearing heating installation will swell in oil and then install it on a hot shaft sleeve method enables the bearing to avoid unnecessary force that, in a short time to complete the installation.

Heating note:

1) the general heating should not exceed 100.

2) bearing contact oil groove bottom is not allowed.

Another hot set of installation can also take advantage of the induction heating device is heated it expands and then install the bearing on the shaft.
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