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Teach you to identify the fault of the bearing.

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For bearings, the not by removing checks can identify or predict whether the operation of the bearing failure, to improve productivity and economy is very important.

The main methods are as follows:

1) by sound recognition

Be identified by the sound requires a wealth of experience. We must be able to identify adequate training to reach bearing and non-bearing voice sound. Therefore, we should try to carry out this work by hand. Attached to the bearing housing can clearly hear the sound by listening or listening stick.

2) identification by working temperature

The process which is the comparison of the identification method is limited to use in the operation state is not changing situations. Therefore, it must be a continuous record of temperature. When a fault occurs, not only the temperature rises, there will be irregularities.

3) identification of the state of the lubricant

Lubricant sampling and analysis, be judged by the extent of its dirty if foreign matter or metal powders. This method does not close observation of bearings or large bearings are particularly effective.


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